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Is a Gap Between Your Teeth a Cause for Concern?



While a gap between your front two teeth might look cute -- or it might bother you. Are there any risks that you need to be aware of? Let us take a quick look at three problems which are sometimes associated with such a gap.

-  A large gap can lead to issues with other emerging teeth, as they may become crooked and crowded.
-  You also might be at a higher risk for tooth decay.
-  A gap might be an indicator of gum disease.

"If you have any adverse oral health symptoms, schedule an appointment with your dentist for an exam."

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Why Thumb Sucking Is Ruining Your Child's Teeth




Research indicates that thumb sucking increases the risk of crooked teeth in children. Most children stop sucking their thumbs by the time they are six years old.

Key takeaways:

•If the child sucks their thumb a lot and in the same position, the teeth can grow crooked.
•Thumb sucking can push the teeth forward, leading to protruding teeth.
•Your child could end up having an open bite. This is when the upper and lower teeth don’t align thus creating an open space.

Take your child to the dentist for regular checkups, and get advice about thumb-sucking.

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Remedies for Bad Breath



A sudden attack of bad breath can ruin that special occasion or spoil a perfect evening. It can happen to anyone at anytime but there are some remedies that can quickly relieve the problem.

Brushing the teeth beforehand is the best way to avoid bad breath -- but if the problem should arise try:

-  Drinking water between food and drink to rinse the mouth
-  Snacking on raw vegetables like celery or carrots kills odour-causing bacteria
-  Chewing on lemon or sugar-free gum helps eliminate plaque and bacteria

Persistent bad breath, however, should be discussed with your dentist as it may indicate an underlying dental condition.


Preventing Bad Breath During the Holiday Season



Food at festive holiday parties can be fun and tasty, but certain dishes and drinks can cause bad breath. Your dentist can advise you on minimising bad breath, but regular teeth brushing will help get rid of unpleasant smelling bacteria.

Key takeaways:

-  Do not forget to clean your tongue as well as your teeth, as a lot of bacteria can exist there.
-  Drink water between alcoholic beverages to keep your mouth moist which helps reduce bad breath.
-  When out, ask for a slice of lemon with your drink as it stimulates bacteria removing saliva.

"For office parties, keep a toothbrush and toothpaste in your desk at work so you can slip off to the bathroom before your office turns into a party zone."
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Why Does Red Wine Stain Teeth?



Drinking red wine over a period of months and years can lead to staining of the teeth. Such staining can be removed through professional teeth cleaning and whitening by a dentist.

Key takeaways:

- Chromogens in red wine stick to the teeth and produce pigments which cause staining.
- Tannic acid in wine works alongside chromogens to stain teeth a darker color.
- Drinking water or eating food with red wine can help reduce the staining effects on your teeth.

"Since these stains are extrinsic, meaning they’re affected by outside sources, they can usually be removed with regular professional teeth cleaning and whitening as necessary."

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Worried About A Crooked Gumline? Here Are Some Solutions




A crooked gumline can affect the appearance of your teeth and smile, but there are several treatment options available depending on the root cause of the problem.

Key takeaways:

-  Where gum disease is the cause, getting this condition treated will improve a crooked gumline.
-  Gum reshaping treatments can help where crooked gumlines are a genetic problem.
-  Laser treatment or gum contouring is an option to improve a gummy smile.

If an uneven gumline concerns you, speak to your dentist about how to restore it.

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Three Reasons To Keep Regular Dental Appointments




Postponing dental appointments is a false economy, since regular checkups are essential to catch problems early -- and before they end up needing expensive treatment.

Key takeaways:

-  You may have cavities that aren’t visible.
-  You may also have gum disease and not show any symptoms for a while.
-  Inconsistent oral care can lead to severe gum disease and eventually to tooth loss.

So don’t skip your next appointment with the dentist. Your teeth and gums deserve proper care to be healthy.

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Replacing Missing Teeth with Partial Dentures



Although partial dentures can be used to replace a single tooth, they are better suited to patients with several non-adjacent teeth missing.

Custom-moulded to fit the patient's mouth, the artificial teeth are firmly attached to a plastic and metal base and designed to fit comfortably over the existing teeth.

Although other replacement options (like dental implants) are available to the dentist many patients prefer partial dentures because they:

-  Can be fitted relatively easily and quickly
-  Require no intrusive surgery
-  Look, feel and act like natural teeth

Partial dentures are also “easy to wear and remove for cleaning” and colour matched to the existing teeth making them unnoticeable to others.

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