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Denture Stabilisation With Implants Chessington

Denture Stabilisation With Implants

Stabilise Loose or Moving Dentures

Denture Stabilisation With Implants Chessington

Dentures are often recommended as the treatment of choice to people who are missing several teeth. They have several advantages over other dental treatments like traditional implants, which require more time consuming and invasive work and are more expensive.

However, many denture patients want to stop their dentures from moving around when they are chewing, speaking or smiling.

One of the most effective ways to avoid your denture to move around is to fix it to your jaw with dental implants. This treatment, known as denture stabilisation with implants, offers you a more permanent solution that can improve your quality of life dramatically.

You will be able to enjoy food again and feel confident about your smile, knoeinh that your denture is stable.

What’s Involved

This treatment involves the use a limited number of implants (usually 4 or 6) to stabilize dentures. The implants are evenly distributed along the dental arch - and because the implants are securely inserted into the jawbone, the dentures are held securely in place.

This system has several benefits. First of all, with the implants acting as stabilisers, the dentures stay in place - so there is no need to fiddle with adhesive or get the right gum suction.

Because the dentures are securely attached to the jaw bone, you can eat, chew, and speak normally without having to worry about a denture coming loose.

Another benefit is that these implants are a permanent solution and will last a lifetime if you care for them as instructed by your dentist. This also means that in the long run, implants are much more cost-effective than simply having dentures, which need to be replaced every few years.

Is it time to stabilize your dentures?

If you currently have dentures and find it difficult to chew, or if you feel that your denture moves around when you eat or smile, we can help you.

Because the implants are made of titanium, they fuse to your jawbone and become part of it. This provides a strong foundation for your dentures.

When the implants are fused in place, it prevents future loss of jaw bone. Your facial structure will look more youthful, and you’ll have better oral health.

Speak to your dentist about denture stabilization, to learn if this will help your situation. This treatment has helped many, many patients feel more comfortable with their dentures – so they can enjoy their lives.

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