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Clarity Ceramic Braces Chessington

Clarity Ceramic Braces

Transform Your Smile Easily

Clear Braces give you freedom - to enjoy eating and drinking when you want, without considering aligners or braces.

While invisible aligners must be removed for every bite and sip (except water), Clarity Clear Ceramic Braces are always working to improve your smile. There’s no need to stop eating certain foods, just enjoy the comfort and convenience of your braces – with confidence.

Clarity Ceramic Braces

Benefits of Clarity Ceramic Braces

Resist staining – Plastic aligners (Invisalign) must be removed for every meal. You won’t need to do that with Clarity Ceramic braces. There’s no maintenance; just brush and floss as normal.

Always working – When you remove aligners, they aren’t working. With Clarity Clear ceramic braces your treatment is always advancing toward your goal – with no aligners to change or remove.

Low visibility - Small, translucent brackets will blend with the natural color of your teeth.

Stain resistant - Brackets resist staining and discolouration during treatment.

Comfortable - Rounded corners on braces reduce rubbing and irritation.

Low maintenance - Eat and drink when you want; you won’t remove braces. Simply continue your normal brushing or flossing.

For patients of all ages – Adults love Clarity Clear Ceramic Braces! They can enjoy a morning cup of coffee or evening glass of wine – without worrying about staining! And the translucent brackets are nearly unnoticeable.

For kids and teens – Go bold with band colors! With over 20 colors to choose from, you’ll have fun finding a look that’s totally you.

The Treatment Process

The initial consult - X-rays, photos, and an accurate mold of your teeth are involved in the initial visit. Come prepared to ask all your questions!

Getting your braces – This will take up to two hours, so be patient. Your dentist will bond the braces to your teeth using a special adhesive and curing light. Your dentist will then run an archwire through the braces to hold them in place.

Follow-up – You will have adjustment appointments every 4-8 weeks during your treatment. These routine "adjustments" go very quickly.

Are Clarity Clear Braces The Best Option For You?

Your dentist will help you decide whether this treatment is best. For most patients, ceramic braces are a very good treatment with excellent results. Ceramic braces will take longer to achieve results, compared to Invisalign aligners. But they may also be less noticeable. Talk to your dentist to learn more.

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Skilled and kindest dentist

“I arrived at this practice with a mouthful of problems and very dispirited with the dental world. Phil and his wife Rasa have restored my faith and my trust in dental treatment.”

Dee Purrett17 June 2021

Cannot recommend enough

“Chessington Dental Practise is amazing. The dentists have been great in helping us find a solution for our 9 year old son’s ongoing teeth problems.”

Polly Germain20 May 2020

Welcoming and friendly

“This was my first time to see a dentist at Chessington Dental Practice and the staff were very welcoming and friendly.”

Cristina Kennedy17 May 2021

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