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Dental Implants Chessington

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Dental Implants

Dental Implants Chessington

The beauty of dental implants

If you’ve lost a tooth (or multiple teeth), you’ll love dental implants. An implant is a long-lasting tooth that looks and feels very natural - giving you a fabulous smile.

Dental implants are replacement teeth that have a root. With this root, implants provide a strong setting for a permanent or removable replacement tooth (or teeth). Dental implants are also used to make partial or full dentures more secure.

In discussions with your dentist, you can learn the treatment options for your situation. These include:

  • Single Implants – to replace a single missing tooth
  • Full mouth implants – to replace all your teeth
  • All-On-Four / full arch dental treatment – four to six implants to make dentures more secure

Why do patients appreciate dental implants:

  • Far easier to manage, compared to a bridge, for eating and daily life.
  • Last far longer than other treatments.
  • Works just like a natural tooth.
  • Look and feel natural.
  • Created with high-quality, long-lasting materials.
  • Prevents complications caused by tooth gaps, when neighboring teeth shift to fill the gap, resulting in crooked teeth.

Very soon you can have a fabulous smile to show with confidence

In just a few practice visits, you will have a nice new tooth or teeth that boost self-esteem, self-confidence, and your enjoyment in life.

Your new natural-looking tooth will require several steps.

  • An artificial root is inserted and anchored to your jaw bone.
  • A small post is attached to the root post to securely hold the new tooth.
  • A crown is attached to this new root.

Made with durable materials, your custom-made new tooth can last a lifetime.

We invite you to come in for a NO-OBLIGATION consultation, to meet the dental team and to chat about your dental needs. Fees are based on severity of your dental problem and the length of treatment.

Dr. Philip Boamah

Dr. Philip Boamah is considered highly skilled in this field, with significant training and experience in advanced implant and restorative dentistry. He has received accreditation from the Royal College of Surgeons of England in implant dentistry.

In his private practice, Dr. Boamah brings depth of knowledge and experience with dental implant technology and oral surgery. He utilizes dental implant systems based on excellent quality and durability and often this requires less surgery and fewer complications.

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Avoid Mistakes with Dental Implants

Dental implants are a long-term investment for many patients. While “cheap” prices may be tempting, the truth is that the old adage “you get what you pay for” holds true. It’s important to do your homework, and learn about the background of the dental surgeon, the dental technology used in the procedure, and the surgeon’s success rate with implants.

Unless you have a highly qualified surgeon, using the latest advances in technology, you risk having more extensive surgery than is necessary. Risks include:

  • Unnecessary jaw bone grafting after the tooth extraction.
  • Less secure implants that loosen, resulting in bone grafts and other costly procedures later on.
  • Implant fracture, requiring a replacement implant, due to less-durable material.

Implant Surgeon + Excellent Technology = Money Saved Long-Term

This dental implant system reduces overall long-term costs for patients, as they save money over inferior implants which are prone to multiple problems.

Dental Implants Chessington

Do you have a missing tooth?

Tooth loss occurs for many reasons – decay, injury or gum disease. For many years, the only treatments were bridges or dentures. Today, dental implants can replace missing teeth.

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“I am in my eighties and I can honestly say that I have never had dental treatment of the quality practised here before. The surgery is run in an efficient, friendly, peaceful way.”

D Wicker25 Aug 2016

I Would Recommend Them To All

“The team at Chessington Dental Practice make it a pleasure to come to the dentist. I would recommend them to all.”

P Bevis25 Aug 2016

Hygienist Appointment

“Regular visit. Hygienist was clearly skilled and very professional, but also kind and caring attitude to patient.”

Cynthia Crook12 Aug 2016

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